Deita Software provides Comprehensive Resolutions long term opportunities



Deita is an end-to-end solution curating a seamless risk mitigation experience via artificial intelligence and blockchain enabled  data partitions. 

Deita is the optimal solution for entities that operate on insurance syndicates.


Cost Reduction

Permissioned Blockchain

Data Sharing

Policy, COI's Subcontractor Data Tracking

Operational Efficiency

Risk Reduction via AI assistant targeted conclusions


Maximize your efficiency

By working with Deita, our clients achieve meaningful lasting improvements in cost reduction, top-line growth, service quality, agility, responsiveness, operational efficiency, resource enablement, and risk reduction.




Why Choose Us

Deita combines industry experience with artificial intelligence software in order to bring forward a new revolutionary way of claim and risk handling.

Deita works with  underwriters, brokers, third party administrators, risk management entities, construction entities, and cover holders to bring efficiency and expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

Our dedicated team built Deita with the background knowledge of strenuous obstacles faced within insurance and property risk management.

Key Features

  • Syndicated Partition allowing automated data sharing without the hassle of paper sharing
  • Exchange Payments via unique identifier
  • Custom Reporting
  • Artificial Intelligence Reporting Process with automatic built-in decision-making assistance 
  • Automated dissemination, ensuring the right people quickly receive notification
  • Fiat Currency/ Cryptocurrency payment method accepted 
  • Automatic policy, certificate of insurance, attestations, and subcontractor agreement machine learning capabilities 
  • Insurer/Carrier Portal
  • Permissioned blockchain network 
  • Direct API feed for Medicare/ Workers Compensation Reporting
  • Regulatory monitoring with automatic feed
  • Bordereau reporting feed with automatic pull of payments

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